The Organized Business Bootcamp

Organize your business, bring peace to your success.

Know you need to get organized in your business but don't know where to start?

The OBB is for service based businesses at least 1-2 years in operations and ready to tame the chaos entrepreneurship brings.

Have you been:

Struggling to keep up with the ongoing details that come with your business growth?

Spending way too much time on admin?

Thinking that there has to be an easier way of doing things?

Tried countless technologies and still haven't found a solution that works for you?

Looking for a consistent system to organize your batches of information?

Searching for help but can't afford to just get someone else to do it?

"Well worth it, you have given me a hands on example of something that I can apply on a daily basis."


Anton Kim, Marketing Agency Owner

As head of a small service-based business, your goal is to provide value to clients. But the day-to-day running of your business takes up so much time and energy. Tasks like managing finances, organizing vendors and contractors, and marketing your business keep piling up, which feels overwhelming. Sometimes, it feels like you’re dropping balls left, right and centre.

Then the Organized Business Bootcamp (OBB) is for you.

Is The Organized Business Bootcamp for me?


You're searching for ways that help you prepare for the predictable while being present for the exceptions.

You're looking for ways to make your operations less painful.

You're wanting to leverage technology to do the heavy lifting in your operations.

You're wanting to build systems & strategies that work specifically for you.

Not great for

Individuals in business less than 1 year.

Those looking for a cookie cutter made for you system.

Non-service based businesses.

Businesses with 10+ employees.

To the overwhelmed business owner who’s got so much to offer the world and not enough time or resources to get it all done.

I see you, I hear your frustrations and understand first hand the struggles that come from daring to do it on your own.

It doesn't have to be this way....IMAGINE


That reliable systems are in place to take care of the day to day items.


Ability to focus on your purpose as you know the predictable details are taken care of.


Free up time in your day to focus on other areas of your business.


Clarity of mind to build your business knowing your systems can adjust to the change.


Jeff Kropman Founder, WorkingAs1

"Every week is an eye opener. There is so much technology that can be leveraged. I enjoyed your sessions because you remove much of the clutter that comes with running a business."

What's inside The OBB?

The Organized Business Bootcamp is a 10-module video-based training program that segments your business into 9 different areas for owners that want to better leverage systems and structures in their operations.

The Program provides structural and strategic guidance and support for entrepreneurs to create systems that actually work for them; providing peace, time and profits.

The Organized Business Bootcamp will break down, step by step the 9 different areas every service base business has, allowing you to create your unique setup that is thorough, sustainable and repeatable. The OBB will leave you with the peace and clarity to grow your business and delegate more effectively.


"This was a no brainer, for the cost of less than half a deal, its made me more effective and leveled up my business."


Andrea Jolly

Mortgage Brokerage Owner


Untitled design (68)

The Organized Business Bootcamp was developed by Carolina Gutiérrez to specifically help small business owners avoid the costly and stressful mistakes many of her past clients made in their business'. The OBB is designed to give you immediate, real world solutions to the most common back office issues small businesses face.

Having run a VA Agency for the last 10 years has provided a wealth of experience to draw from.

As a self proclaimed "Business Organizer" Carolina has worked extensively within the small business world, both online and offline, honing and refining her understanding of technology and process improvement to help clients reach their goals.



7+ Hours of Virtual Training (30-45 minutes per module)

10 Pre-recorded access @ anytime video modules

16 Pages of Worksheets

Examples of different ways to apply technology

Quickstart guide to get you up and running quickly

For both G-Suite and Office 365 Users

+ The Organized Business Bootcamp Toolkit: a comprehensive suite of worksheets, tools, and takeaways to support integration and implementation of learnings. Examples include a rate calculator, software selection checklist, check lists, and templates. 

+ ONGOING SUPPORT: Facebook Group + Email Support

+ BONUSES: Recorded tutorials for CANVA, Gmail, Outlook, Google Operator codes.

Total Value: $3,500+


Mark Levitt, Financial Services

“The Organized Business Bootcamp,” is a must for a new business owner or someone more seasoned who is now ready to work on the business, not just in the business. The course covered various topics, which provided a great foundation and valuable learning in each module. I would highly recommend.


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