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Even though our work is primarily done virtually and there are clients that we have never met in person, we work with both online and traditional businesses in helping them with their administrative duties.

Our initial meeting, either in person or online allows us to perform a needs assessment in order to pinpoint where help is required. This will also help us both gauge our personal compatibility. Our services rely on strong relationship building through collaborative partnerships. It is important for both parties to feel they are able to work with each other. We have designed both our free 30 minute no obligation consultation as well as our potential client questionnaire with all these things in mind.

We accept EFT’s, major credit cards through Stripe as well as email money transfers for our Canadian clients. Payment by cheque available on a case by case basis for local clients.

A top priority for Business in Order is confidentiality and personal privacy. The nature of our services makes us privy to sensitive information. We strictly enforce a professional level of discretion in our handling of all details pertaining to our clientele. We gladly accept working under confidentiality agreements and abide by leading security practices when protecting our client’s personal information.

We are located in Toronto, Canada but are able to help clients worldwide.

Our clients and the needs they come in search of solving are all unique. You are not cut from a cookie cutter and neither should your settle for a cookie cutter solutions when it comes to your administration needs. Our free consultation is designed to assess both your needs and budget, coming up with a customized solution. We work on both retainer as well as per project pricing. We can work on a hourly rate but recommend our other two options as a more budget friendly pricing.

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